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How to choose a school Children Backpack:  
1. Tailor it.  
Note that the size of the Children Backpack is appropriate for your child's height.  Consider a small Children Backpack and choose the smallest one that can hold your child's books and stationery.  In general, the Children Backpack should not be wider than the child's body;  The bottom of the Children Backpack should not be less than 10cm below the child's waist.  When carrying a Children Backpack, the top of the Children Backpack should not be higher than the child's head, and the belt should be 2-3 inches from the waist.  The bottom of the Children Backpack is at the height of the lower back, and the Children Backpack sits in the middle of the back, rather than slouching over the buttocks.  
2. Focus on design.  
Parents should not ignore the reasonableness of the inner design when buying a schoolChildren Backpack for their children.  The interior space of the Children Backpack is reasonably designed, which can classify children's various books, stationery and daily necessities. It can cultivate children's storage and sorting ability from an early age, so that children can develop good habits.  
3, the material should be light.  
Children's school Children Backpacks should be made of light materials. Since students have to carry a large number of books and items back to school, they should try to choose light materials to avoid increasing the load of students.  
4, the shoulder strap should be wide.  
Children's Children Backpack shoulder strap should be wide, if the shoulder strap is narrow, plus the weight of the Children Backpack, long-term back on the body, it is easy to hurt the shoulder;  Shoulder straps should be wide to reduce the pressure on the shoulders and to distribute the weight of the Children Backpack evenly;  The padded shoulder strap can reduce the strain of the Children Backpack made of the trapezius muscle, if the shoulder strap is too young, the trapezius muscle will be more easy to feel tired.  
5, with a belt.  
Children's school Children Backpacks should be equipped with a belt, which is rarely available in previous school Children Backpacks. Using a belt can bring the Children Backpack closer to the back and evenly distribute the weight of the Children Backpack over the lumbar and dished bones.  And the belt holds the Children Backpack at the waist, preventing it from wobbling and reducing stress on the spine and shoulders.




Got questions? We've got answers.

Q: Can we start with a low Minimum Order Quantity?
A: Janlon Team always enjoys to work with you to start a potentially successful business. Let’s start the Minimum order and grow rapidly together

Q: Can we have our own logo on the bag?
A: 100% you can have your own logo on the bag. We do the extra mile for you, we design your logo according to your ideas if your logo is not ready yet. It’s FREE.

Q: How long we can receive the samples?
A: Normally, the sampling time is 3-7 days around, this depends on the bag and design.

Q: How long do it take to complete our orders?
A: Your consultant and the team are focusing on your orders and make sure it will be delivered in time with good quality, mass production time is 45-60days.

Q: How can we pay?
A: We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, L/C.

Q: What’s our guarantee?
A: Good question.
About the project, when the moment you contact us, you will have your own consultant, who will take care of all your requests and order from design, sample and mass production, then ship it to you in good condition.

About the quality checking, third party quality inspection is acceptable. You will get replacement once you find defected product.
Shipping cost on us.
About delay shipment, you will get 10% compensation from the total value of the order shipped late 14 days.




Today Janlon Bags Group is one of the leading bag manufacturer in the China, a reponsible group that plans for the future and lives in the present with a watchful eye to the environment to human dignity,and a society in transformation.

With 28 years experiences in bags and the good reputation in the textile accessory industry. We produce various kinds of high quality backpack& bag for our customers in countries including in EU countries and USA and South America.

We specializing in designing,manufacturing and exporting various bags,including school , camping, outdoor, travel, business, tool, leisure and fashion , sports, soft luggage etc. Our business is to provide you satisfied bags by means of ODM & OEM .


We have 4 factories located in Quanzhou,1factory in Myanmar.Around 2000 staffs including 1200 sewing workers for bag product, and 60 bag production lines so far and it is increased continually ensures monthly supply of 650K bags.

Year Established
Total Employees
1000+ Persons
Registered Capital
USD1.5 Million
Business Type
Annual Output Value
USD30000 Million
Total Export Revenue
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81% - 90%%
Main Markets
South America、Westem Europe、Domestic Market、Eastern Europe、Northerm Europe、North. America、Southerm Europe
Average Lead Time
60 day
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Main Products
Manufacture of school , camping, outdoor, travel, business, tool, leisure and fashion , sports, soft luggage etc. |Certified by BSCI, SEDEX,♻ROHS | Since 1993. |Quality Standard ISO9001


◆Lean production lines

◆Sangely smart system

◆Automatic transfer material

◆Efficient production


Guide to Fabric Types:Cordura fabric extremely durable, tear resistant and heavy-duty. All Cordura fabrics are treated with a polyurethane coating on the back and a water-repellent finish on the front, making these all-weather fabrics a great choice for outdoor adventuring.


We have our own internal QC dept with multiple testing machines to perform QC and spot checks at your request. Tensile Strength testing, Zipper durability, Material Stress Testing, and many other tests are available to you.Inspection process(Standard AQL2.0) :Material Vendor Assessed--Incoming Materials Inspected --In-process QC 100% check(Semi--Finished)--Final QA check--Packing--Delivery ensure the goods all are perfect and provide full sets of inspeciton report to you.


◆Tear strength

◆Seam strength

◆Seam slippage

◆Color fastness to rub

◆Color Migration

◆Water repellency

◆Zipper resistance

◆Handle or shoulder strap resistance

◆Salt spray test for metal parts

◆Low temperature test for plastic parts

◆Wheel travel resistance

◆Aging or burn-in test




During long-distance travel, keeping food at a safe temperature is one of our important goals.

We are a wholesale custom bulk oem cooler bag supplier,manufacturer,factory,

we collected useful packing tips that are recommended, because they can keep foof temperature.


Organize food

By organizing your food into your car's freezer bag in the order of the food you are going to eat, this will help everyone know where to find the food they are looking for when you arrive at your destination. Emptying your car's freezer bag to touch the bottom will impair its ability to maintain insulation and reduce its effectiveness. On the other hand, thoughtful packaging will enable you to quickly reach and grab what you want, thereby minimizing the exposure of the content.


Cooling room temperature before packaging

If you store your car freezer bag in a warm place, move it to a cool place, maybe put it in the refrigerator (if possible) to maximize the cool temperature in the bag and ensure the longest use time Close the important waterproof cold storage bag. This will cool the core of the bag and prevent any hot air from reaching the inside of the bag.


Keep the lid closed

The first thing to remember is not to keep the freezer bag open or open the lid all the time, you must ensure that it is always closed when not in use. Doing so will keep the cold air inside and prevent it from escaping to heat up everything inside too much.


Opening the bag is easy, because keeping food cool is completely different from what you are used to at home, so why not consider a waterproof freezer bag as a refrigerator? After using the refrigerator, you will not leave the refrigerator door open, so do not leave the freezer bag open.


Food that does not need to be frozen immediately

Another important tip is to put some items that you do not need to freeze immediately at the bottom of the freezer bag. When you use these foods throughout your road trip, the frozen foods will start to thaw and you will need it when you are ready to cook. It works best when frozen food is placed at the bottom of a freezer bag, because it will keep it cool for a longer period of time.


Make sure your food and drinks are cold before packing

By ensuring that your food and drinks are cold before packaging, this will ensure that the items in the car's freezer bag are used in the correct way. The purpose of the freezer bag is to keep the items cold, not refrigerated. Therefore, in order to get maximum efficiency from your car's cold storage bag, always remember to refrigerate/freeze related items before packing them for road trips.


Use ice pack

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the cold storage bag, please put some ice bags at the bottom of the bag and cover them with a piece of cardboard to prevent the food from slipping between them and making the items wet. Using ice packs instead of ice cubes can help them stay frozen longer and help your food stay cooler longer.


If you don't have an ice pack, freezing some of the foods mentioned above will have the same effect. You can also freeze some bottled water to mimic the use of ice packs. Due to the nature of the waterproof cooler bag, this means you don't need to worry about the condition of the bag, as the ice will eventually start to melt.


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