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The so-called Bags Rpet, the first definition of its environmental label is usually around two directions: one is how to come, the other is how to go, both are for the material.  

They seem to be two ends of one another, but these two angles are mutually influencing.  "Sourced from nature" bags degrade in a short period of time and produce no residual solid waste, so they ultimately do no harm to the environment.  
We are familiar with the "environmental protection cloth bag" roughly divided into the following several:  
1. Non-woven bags (in the cycle of reuse and finally recycling can be called environmental protection)  
2. Canvas bags, cotton bags (compared with other materials are the most environmentally friendly, no pollution to the environment)  
3. The flannelette bags  
4. Polyester vest bag (polyester is similar to the common umbrella cloth and clothing lining, the bag made of this kind of cloth is usually vest type, so it is called vest bag)  
5. Other environmentally friendly fabrics

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